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Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, an experienced tradesman or just starting out, NOFRAN has the perfect tool kits for the job. Our comprehensive collection of tool kits includes everything from basic kits for home repairs and maintenance to professional-grade kits for contractors and mechanics. Our tool kits contain tool kit sets with all the essential tools and hardware needed for a wide range of projects. With tool kits ranging from basic 10-piece kits to 100+ piece sets, NOFRAN has a tool kit to suit every need and budget. Our tool kits utilize high-quality materials and come housed in durable carrying cases complete with compartments, pouches and handles for easy transportation and organization. NOFRAN's tool kits are built to last and include popular brands like Craftsman, DeWalt and Kobalt. We offer tool kit sets for automotive repairs, plumbing fixes, electrical work, woodworking projects and much more. We also have specialized tool kits for jobs like HVAC maintenance, appliance repairs and lawn and garden projects. Whether you need a tool kit for occasional DIY tasks around the house or you rely on your tool kit set for your trade or business, NOFRAN has the right tool kit for the job at competitive prices. Stop by our online store or visit one of our showrooms today and let our knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect tool kit set to complete your next project.

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