Collection: Dog Beds

Find the perfect dog bed for your furry friend at NOFRAN. Whether you've got a small lap dog or a giant breed, we have a wide assortment of comfortable, durable and stylish dog beds to choose from. You can pick from orthopedic memory foam beds, cedar-filled beds, heated beds, waterproof beds, cooling beds and more. Beds made from orthopedic memory foam conform to your pup's body shape, cradling their joints and pressure points for supreme comfort. Cedar-filled beds provide natural pest control and have an aroma dogs love. Heated and cooling beds are great options for senior dogs or pups with mobility issues, helping soothe aching muscles and provide relief. Waterproof dog beds are ideal for pets who tend to slobber or have accidents. The protective, wipe-clean covers will save you from constantly having to replace regular beds. Whether you want a round, rectangular or donut shaped dog bed, we have different styles and sizes to suit any pooch's needs and preferences. Our durable dog beds are made with long-lasting materials like heavy-duty canvas and thick polyester upholstery that stand up to claws, teething and roughhousing. So come browse our wide selection of quality dog beds and find the perfect resting place for your furry companion.