Import Duty & Taxes

How will you ship my order?

Through Postal Services, DHL, Fedex, EMS or by SEA.

Are there extra charges once my order has been shipped?

Yes and No, your order is shipped by carriers like DHL, UPS etc or  your country or warehouse charges Import Duty & Taxes, Anti-Dumping charges, LCL Charges or any other destination charges.

How can I Estimate the Import Duty & Taxes?

You can estimate the amount of duty and taxes payable in your country through this link, however, it would be advisable to contact your countries Customs Department to verify the amount to pay

How long does it take to receive my order?

Shipping by Air takes approx. 10-25 working days depending on the shipping method you select, however, we require 3-5 working day(s) to process an order.

Shipping by SEA takes approx. 30-65 working days, however, we require 10-30 working day(s) to process an order, inspect the product and loading on the boat.

Delivery = Processing Time + Shipping Time

When and where do I collect my order?

Orders through DHL, Fedex are delivered to your physical address, however, in some countries orders shipped via EMS, will have to be collected at the Post Office.

Orders by SEA are collected from the warehouse mentioned on your Bill of Landing. PLEASE NOTE you should get a customs broker to handle your customs clearance before the shipment arrives in your country  and in some countries Import Security Filing may be required 2 days before the cargo is loaded on to the ship. Warehouse collection period applies and any delay may incur warehouse charges.

The date of arrival for orders by SEA is usually marked on the Bill of Landing.

Unfortunately we have no control over customs and import taxes; by law we must declare the parcels contents and value, you are responsible for paying these charges, if any. Duty and tax, anti dumping tax, bonds or LCL Charges vary by country, so we recommend contacting your national customs for more information.