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NOFRAN Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen Curtains -Sheer Lace - White

Kitchen Curtains -Sheer Lace - White

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Curtains Rod Styles

Kitchen Curtains -Sheer Lace - White

Transform your home with these elegant Kitchen Curtains! These Sheer Lace curtains add a touch of sophistication to any flat window and create a stunning balloon curtain effect. With delicate details and expert weaving, these curtains can be tailored to fit your personal style. Indulge in the luxurious quality of these beautiful curtains and elevate your space.

Curtains Details:

Product Type: Curtains

Product Category: Curtains

Curtains Rod Styles

Curtains Size Guide

Window Width Recommended Size
70-130 CM 2 Pieces of W100CM OR 1 Piece of W200CM
130-170cm 2 Pieces of W150CM OR 1 Piece of W300CM
170-220cm 2 Pieces of W200CM 
220-270cm 2 Pieces of W250CM 
270-320cm 2 Pieces of W300CM 
320-370cm 2 Pieces of W350CM 
370-430cm 2 Pieces of W400CM 

How to Measure Curtains

How to measure curtains-nofran


How to select your curtain Size

A - Measure the curtain width from Left to Right in cm

Then measure the curtain length based on length you prefer

For example
A=150cm & C=250cm
You may need 1 Piece - W300cm x H250cm
or 2 Pieces of W150cm x H 250cm
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