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NOFRAN Living Room Sofa Set

Luxury Living Room Furniture Set, Rose

Luxury Living Room Furniture Set, Rose

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European and American-style Luxury Living Room Set, Rose from NOFRAN, is crafted from genuine leather and filled with superior-quality sponge. Discover a design that brings out the best of your living space. Experience unparalleled comfort and luxurious style with this stunning furniture set. Rose is designed to enhance any space with its sophisticated and timeless aesthetic. Sink into the supreme-quality sponge and experience the ultimate in relaxation.


6-Piece Set includes, 1-2-3-Seaters, 2 End tables, 1 Coffee Table
3-Piece Set includes, 1-2-3-Seaters
4-Piece Set includes, 1-2-3-Seaters, 1 Coffee Table

Living Room Sofa Set Details:

Product Type: Living Room Sofa Set

Product Category: Furniture

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