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Living Room Velvet Sofa with Nail-Head

Living Room Velvet Sofa with Nail-Head

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NOFRAN - Living Room Velvet Sofa

This Living Room Velvet Sofa with Nail-Head from NOFRAN is a timeless piece of furniture, perfect for adding a luxurious touch to any living room. It features a fine-grain finish that takes stains beautifully, and birch wood legs for an attractive and durable look. Add luxurious comfort and style to any living room with this sofa. Make your living room the epitome of luxury and style with this timeless piece of furniture. The fine-grain finish not only adds a touch of opulence, but it also takes stains beautifully, making it practical and easy to maintain. With its birch wood legs, this sofa radiates durability and elegance. Elevate your living room with the ultimate combination of comfort and sophistication.
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