Portable DVD Player, 12.1 Inch

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Portable DVD Player, 12.1 Inch, Game Controller, Remote, Car Charger, Swivel Screen, Antenna

  • 12.1 Inch portable DVD player with swivel screen to watch movies.
  • Playing games is now possible with a free game controller in the box.
  • Remote controller included so you can navigate without getting out of your comfy sofa.
  • Useful car charger to keep your kids entertained while you drive.

Take entertainment to the next level with this amazing portable DVD player with a sharp 12.1 inch rotating display. Simply insert your favorite DVD into the device and rotate the screen horizontally and vertically to get the perfect angle. The included remote control will allow you to navigate the device conveniently from a distance. But that's not it, this media device is more than just a DVD player as it comes with game controller and TV antenna! Download and hook up your favorite video games and enjoy them whenever, wherever! Besides a normal chargin adapter, this 12.1 Inch DVD player now also includes a car chargerd. Entertainment for on the way is now within your reach, without having to worry about the battery..