Leather Bed With Storage And Sideboard

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Furniture Type: Bedroom Furniture, Leather Bed With Storage and Sideboard 
Shape: Square   
Style: Minimalist Modern  
Furniture Structure: Wooden structure 
Is Customized: Yes  
Material: Genuine Leather  
Material Of Bedstead: Wooden   
With Backrest: Yes 
With Storage Space: Yes  
With Bedstead: Yes 
Bed Surface Fabric: Leather  

Customer Reviews

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Nance & Rand Burns
Just WOW

Wow, just WOW. I didn't know this was the bed contraption I needed!!! This got me and Rand through quarantine. Our plan was to hibernate and essentially treat the floor as lava for the extend of quarantine, as we didn't want to get any COVID-19 from the floor. Well, this was the solution for us!! It has a side bar for our snacks, a desk for working, a reading light for our bad eyes, and a full speaker system for when Rand and I get a little pent up in hibernation and want to set the mood with some Kenny G. Also, very stable bed for such activities ;). We kept change of clothes in the many storage compartments. The ONLY problem we see with this bed is the lack of plumbing. We did have to keep a bucket by the bed, luckily it could be tucked away in one of the many end tables so the guests didn't have to see. Though, they could probably smell that as well as the reusable toilet paper we left drying out hiding in the footboard storage. All around though, a great purchase we highly recommend. We will definitely consider upgrading to a newer model next quarantine season. Warmest wishes, Nance & Rand.