Earphones, FESTORY F003 Headphones, In-Ear Bass Earbuds - 3.5mm Jack, Mic, Control

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  • In Ear Bass Earphones for a better quality sound

  • Enjoy your music without interference or distortion

  • Pause the music and answer calls without touching your phone thanks to the remote control.

FESTORY F003 In-Ear Bass Earbuds with Mic
The FESTORY F003 in-ear bass ear buds bring a powerful stereo performance. The soft silicon coated buds are comfy to ware and block out external noise leaving you with a clear uninterrupted listening experience. 

This ribbon wired earphone set has a built in microphone and control button and the wide ribbon wire design makes it more resistant to becoming tangled when not in use. With a gold and white finish these high build quality; 3.5mm jack earphones are the perfect accessory for your phone, tablet, mp3 player and many other portable electronics.